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VERETX Tactical Helicopter Hunting Information

Texas is home to a serious feral hog problem; nearly 3.4 million at the last count ranking as the largest feral hog population in the U.S. Their numbers continue to increase due to their high reproductive potential and the lack of natural predators. The most effective means of performing hog depredation has been by use of helicopters.

Our team has been highly successful eradicating feral hogs on private land in Texas Counties utilizing both the Schweizer 300C and the Robinson R-22 helicopters because of their versatility, maneuverability and relatively low operating costs.

Our helicopters are flown by highly experienced Pilots and the Gunner utilizes a .223 caliber, AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with 30- or 60-round magazines, firing from the passenger side (right or left depending on the aircraft type). This seating position, combined with the low-recoil, low-noise and low-weight of the rifle provide the perfect platform for a successful hunt.

Should a group of hogs numbering between 10-25 be flushed into an open area, we would expect a kill rate for that group of over 95%. The helicopter's rotor downwash and engine noise are excellent at flushing the hogs into open areas and its maneuverability is unrivalled in pursuing hogs into kill positions without further damage to crops or pasture.


Effective September 1st, 2011, VERTEX Tactical Aviation began performing Helicopter Hog Hunting (Aerial Feral Hog Depredation) under the law changes listed in HB716, and as such, we will are able to contract with Landowners and Landowner-Agents who may now pay to perform as a Gunner in our Aerial Hog Depredation Program.

What does this mean for you, the private hunter?

This means that as a private hunter, you are now allowed by the State of Texas to pay for the right to perform as the gunner and shoot feral hogs from a helicopter as part of a feral hog depredation program. Since we are a full-service helicopter company, we are offering this service to Private Hunters from all over the United States. We currently have over 100,000 acres of land in some of the most feral-hog damaged locations all around Texas where we are under contract as a Primary Agent to perform Aerial Hog Depredation for the Landowners. We are also currently in negotiations as Primary Agent for an additional 250,000 acres from additional locations around the State of Texas.



In order for you, as a Private Hunter, to be able to perform as a Gunner from our helicopters, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Attend the VERTEX Tactical Aviation Aerial Hunting Safety Course. This course costs $350 per person and is normally held every 2 weeks at our training facility at Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. This is MANDATORY. No class, no shooting. No exceptions. For large groups, we offer custom class dates. Please ask us if you have a group of 5 or more and want a package class before a group hunt.

  2. Pass a Felony Background Check /TPWD check (You are getting into a US registered aircraft with a semi-automatic rifle. This means you can not have a felony conviction, and in order for us to verify this, you MUST go through the proper screening). If you perform this action with another helicopter company and they DON'T require a background check, you may be breaking the law.

  3. Purchase a Texas Hunting License (Hog hunting from the ground does NOT require a hunting license. Hunting from the AIR does.)

  4. Sign a release and indemnification statement for both the landowner and our company protecting both the landowner AND our company in the event that YOU, the Hunter, accidentally shoot a house, person, structure, livestock, or other object/lifeform, etc. Yes...YOU, the person pulling the trigger, are the LIABLE party. This is no different than hunting from the ground. If you shoot a hole through our rotor system and/or damage our aircraft, You just bought it.

The Hourly Rate for Helicopter Hog Hunting is $600 per flight hour, and you must pay in advance with a 3-hour minimum. All bookings require advance payment. Most people are booking 4-6 hour blocks. If you book 10 hours we will drop the hourly rate to $550. If we are requested to ccome to your property, and depending on the geographical area, we may require a surcharge for fuel on top of the normal rates. These rates cover fuel, aircraft, pilot, weapon, ammunition and the added insurance requirements.

If the above requirments work for you, PLEASE CALL US TODAY AT 281-616-5095 or fill out our INFORMATION REQUEST FORM so that we can get you into one of our classes as soon as possible. Our classes are filling rapidly, and the people who take the classes first get first right of refusal on the best hunting areas in Texas.


VERTEX Tactical Aviation Helicopter Hunting Information


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VERTEX Tactical Aviation Helicopter Hunting Information Page



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